This was somewhat the start of my Manila escapade last month. Because I live in a small town where everybody knows almost everybody, people tend to go to cities for college. I got to study in Cebu and these guys, well, they were stuck in Manila. I’ve always loved the Manila vibe but sadly I didn’t get the chance to have my tertiary years there.

I had the chance of hanging out with my high school classmates when I was there last May. Two of them are from UP Diliman and they couldn’t come home to our place in Borongan because they both had to attend summer classes. Another friend of mine was from University of Asia and the Pacific, she couldn’t come home too because she was busy with schoolwork. And one of them—Jex— is from Centro Escolar University. She went home but then she just went back to MANILA right away because her parents we’re going to the city too.

First picture: We met at SM North Edsa and we stopped by Jco to buy doughnuts. It was my first time to actually eat and savour the goodness of Jco because most of the time I am on a diet. That’s the time that I realized that it didn’t taste that good. I mean it was delicious but it was like biting into a doughnut made of air. And it’s not even a good thing. It didn’t have “substance” in it if you know what I mean. I’ll forever be a Krispy Kreme enthusiasts because of that experience.

Second and Fourth picture: That was when we went to SM Megamall because we all wanted to go ice skating and North Edsa didn’t have a skating rink.

Third and Fifth picture: That was in the bathroom after we went ice skating. Hahaha. We had the CR all to ourselves so what the hell. No one can stop our vain-ness. Is that even a word?

We went around Pasig City after that and we went to UA&P because of my other friend. Sadly we didn’t get in because they had a strict dress code and I was wearing sleeveless and my friend was wearing a tank top and my other friend was wearing shorts. We got a taxicab after that and we went back to SM North Edsa because my mom was looking for me. Oh and ofcourse, we were stuck in traffic!

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